Marty Pecaric, PhD
Owner and Lead Consultant

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  • Project oversight: supervision and direction of multi-disciplinary teams
  • Knowledgeable of project management techniques: Work Breakdown Structures, PERT and Mechanized Gantt charts, Earned Value and Trend Analysis, requirements and cost estimation analyses, proposal development, experimental design, committee briefings, program scheduling, risk assessment
  • Material management: procurement and product upgrades, liaison with COTS product developers and manufacturers
  • Technical specification development and review of 3D models generated using Solid Edge development environment
  • Development of company-wide standard operating procedures (SOPs) and project-wide detailed operating procedures (DOPs)
  • Documentation: peer reviewed publications (journal articles and abstracts, limited access publications), preliminary patent filing, technical reports, proposals, monthly project summaries, end user manuals
  • Presentations: in-house, international scientific meetings, senior management
  • Knowledgeable of government, academic, and private industry research sectors
  • Experienced advisor to senior management and other government officials regarding best practices in research and/or operational issues


  • High level knowledge of LabVIEW, FORTRAN, and some C/C++ programming
  • Extensive experience with Mac and PC OS (Win XP, Win2K, Win95, Win98, WinNT)
  • Conversant with word processing, graphics, presentation, data management packages
  • Extensive experience with statistical analysis programs (SAS, SPSS, Statistica, SuperANOVA, StatView, BMDP, Excel) and methodologies (parametric and nonparametric statistics)
  • Mathematical modelling: pressure system performance and physiological responses
  • Installation and implementation of biomedical monitoring systems: ECG, EMG, ambulatory blood pressure measurement systems and blood gas analyzers
  • Electronic and pneumatic hardware: current to pressure transducers, pressure relief valves, volume boosters, pneumotachographs, pressure regulators, pressure reducing valves, relays, amplifiers and pre-amplifiers, power supplies
  • Full life cycle software development: control and data analysis applications (AtoD and DtoA conversions, digital I/O, graphical user interface design, algorithm generation, and post data collection routines), software testing and evaluation, documentation
  • Sensor installation and calibration: pressure transducers, accelerometers, interlocks
  • Signal conditioning: analog and digital filtering, integrators, differential amplification
  • Architecting and implementing Information Technology related project components
  • Setting up hardware, software, and required networking components
  • Programming and trouble shooting requisite applications to support project initiative
  • Final level problem resolution resource
  • System testing: compliance testing of prototype equipment to requisite standards
  • Data acquisition system configuration: National Instrument multifunction and voltage output boards; multiple board synchronization (RTSI); system performance enhancement (Direct Memory Access boards)
  • Data file management: retrieval, display, and analysis using specialty software (SWAP) and EXCEL macros; backup to mass storage devices (EPOCH, MASSCOMP, and SUN mainframe systems) and external storage devices (CDR, ZIP and external hard drives)
  • UNIX shell scripting: Sun/Sparc workstations
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